We heart Prosecco

A history of Love, Travel... and Prosecco wine!

We heart Prosecco - About Us

We heart Prosecco - About Us

We love prosecco; ok, I guess that’s clear. What you might want to know is who we are, and why this blog. 

We are Diego and Talia, a young couple living in London. We both love to travel, and to discover new things every day. Another thing we both really like is wine; and we often participate to those tastings organised by our favourite wine shops in town. When we travel to warmer countries than the UK - where vineyards exist, but are not ‘a thing’ – we absolutely love to go directly to the wine estates, where we try all products and then choose which wines to bring back home. 

Now our cellar is full of bottles with very different labels, in a bunch of different languages (Italian, Spanish, French… but also Hungarian, German and even Lebanese!). They all have a story behind them: “Honey, do you remember this producer in Germany? That day that it started pouring right in the middle of our wine tasting in the garden…” “Oh wow, this comes from that estate not too far from Rome where we ate at the restaurant with that marvellous view…

After years of wine tastings, reading about the subject, talking directly with the wine producers… We realised that we were becoming real connoisseurs, and basically with no effort! And here we are, opening our blog to share our passion and knowledge; and hoping to help other wine lovers like us to learn some more every day! 

Discover the wide world of sparkling wines! Prosecco and more!

Ok, but why Prosecco?

We went on our honeymoon in Italy; needless to say, we had an amazing time. Italian landscapes are simply astonishing, the food is cheap and SO tasty, and people were incredibly nice: we felt at home straight away. 

As you might imagine, we did go visiting several vineyards, in different regions and areas: the variety of wines is particularly wide over there, even in a month we could have not possibly tasted them all! Barolo wine from Piedmont, Chianti in Tuscany, Lambrusco in Emilia… Our taste buds have continuously been pampered!

In this tasting rollercoaster, what we appreciated the most was actually the typical Italian attitude: that Dolce far Niente (sweet doing nothing) you might have heard about… Life there never seems to be stressful – although we know it must be – and people really like to enjoy their time at any minute. Every evening, at 6 o’clock, it is Aperitivo time; and the terraces of bars and cafés get filled up with people having a glass of wine, of perhaps a spritz. 

Here is when Prosecco comes into the story: we ALWAYS were able to order a glass of this sparkling nectar, in any restaurant or bar we went to! We would drink it every single evening, and never got tired of it! So we promised each other: “Babe, promise me, even in 20 years, can we never stop being so bubbly?” And we yet haven’t.