FRV100 is the new rosé sparkling wine that everyone is talking about — a party pleaser!

FRV100 is delightful and fresh sparkling wine that can be sipped and enjoyed anywhere and anytime. This trendy but old-style bubbly is not only tasty but a fun topic to discuss with friends too. From traditional methods to flavour and alcohol content, find out all you need to know.

FRV100 is the new sparkling rose wine you really should taste

Traditional FRV100 will put a smile on your face

When discussing the sparkling wine, FRV100, the first thing that you should know about is the Cerdon Méthode Ancestrale. The method of fabricating this drink it somewhat interesting. In fact, these bubbles have been made using a more traditional method than regular Champagne. The process involves bottling before fermentation has been completed. The second fermentation stage takes place using the lees from the first fermentation process, and so no extra yeast is added. The result is a beautifully fruity sparkling wine that is sure to put a smile on your face and lift your spirits. With its very low alcohol content of around 7.5%, this can happily be sipped even at brunch!
Rose sparkling wine for guaranteed fun

FRV100 — the gentle fruity fizz that is fun

FRV100 Sparkling wine has delicate fruitiness without being overly sweet. The gentle fizz is sure to excite you, and with every sip you feel happier and ready to have some fun! This bubbly is a real party pleaser and serving this to your guests will ensure that they have a fun-filled evening as well as you! It is hard not to like these bubbles — the pink hue from the rosé not only looks gorgeous but the taste is heavenly too. The creator of this fabulous sparkling wine is Jean-Paul Brun and he has had immense success with this delicious take on traditional bubbly. Serve it to your guests for a sophisticated and alternative beverage at your next function, they are sure to love it as much as you do!