Celebrate in style with prosecco wine!

Prosecco wine has fast become an all-year-round favourite. And, at such affordable prices, it’s not hard to see why! A few glasses of fizz are sure to make you feel ready to party this New Year’s Eve, whether you’re spending it with family, friends, or just having a quiet, romantic night in.

celebrate in style with prosecco wine

How much fizz: spumante, frizzante or tranquillo?

You don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy prosecco, but it’s good to know the types of wine you’re going to try. Prosecco wine can come in a number of ways, the correct terminology being spumante (sparkling), frizzante (semi-sparkling) or tranquillo (still). The most common, and arguably most iconic, style of prosecco is sparkling, which gives the wine its signature fizz.
sparkling prosecco wine is the best for your celebrations

How does it taste: brut, extra dry or dry?

Next, like any other wine, you’ll want to know how your prosecco wine is going to taste. Those with a fizz will come in varieties of brut, dry or extra dry, and these are defined by the amount of sugar in your bottle. Brut is the driest so if you’re watching your weight, but still want to celebrate, this is certainly the best option. It tastes great too!
prosecco val d'oca extra dry

A fizz for all occasions

This year, celebrate with prosecco wine. With popular brands like Val D’Oca and Villa Arfanta, there is a huge variety of bubbly to suit any budget and taste, whether you’re looking for something fresh and light or a bottle with a little more depth and flavour. At such amazing prices, buy a few bottles of sparkling wine at once and keep your fridge stocked for that special something… or someone.