Chilled champagne with some heavenly oyster jewels

Sometimes you need some lip-smacking goodness — tuck into a freshly shucked oyster and sip on your favourite champagne. Spend some quality time with your loved one, allow your taste buds to indulge in sublime cuisine, and excite your palate with a salty mollusk and a glass of fizz.

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Champagne and oyster indulgent pairing

Life is made to be enjoyed, and it is important to share some quality time with the one you love. Oysters have long been associated with romantic indulgence, and pairing them with some chilled champagne adds to the decadence. Oysters can take you on a culinary journey of sublime cuisine. There are many ways to enjoy these little delicacies, such as adding a dash of shallot vinaigrette for a culinary explosion.

You and your partner can enjoy some glamourous indulgence with your champagne and oyster pairing. Nothing will put a smile on your face quite like the little bubbles from your favourite champagne and the cool ocean flavour of oysters. Experience so much more romance when you add these ingredients to your evening — impressive delicacies that leave a little quiver in your mouth and add fizz to your senses.

best champagnes to pair with oysters

Heavenly journey with sparkle

Whether it is crisp prosecco, chilled champagne or quality bubbly, let the fizz and oysters take you on a heavenly journey. Oysters are a natural aphrodisiac, and why not add a dash of tabasco for a hot-under-the-collar twist? You can pair your oysters with a non-vintage champagne, like Moet Et Chandon Brut, which is easy drinking and complements the oysters well, especially with a squeeze of lemon and some black pepper. Oysters are also great just as they are, with no trimmings, simply together with a glass of beautifully dry champagne.