Clairette de Die makes for a sparkling companion

Spruce up your next occasion with the delicate flavours of your favourite sparkling wine, Clairette de Die. This is a real party-pleaser and you cannot go wrong with stocking up on this beautiful bubbly! Find out why this sparkling wine is full of character with its unique history here.

Clairette de Die makes for a sparkling companion

Delicate, sweet and cloudy

Clairette de Die is a delicate sparkling wine made from hand-picked grapes. It is produced in the Rhône valley of France, where the grapes used are predominantly Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains and Clairette. The drink itself is made in an older and more traditional way than regular Champagne, called the Methode Dioise Ancestrale. It was first made using only one fermentation process — first in steel or wooden barrels and then transferred to bottles. No yeast or sugar was added and the entire fermentation process was done naturally. However, from 1925, a second fermentation process was introduced. The finished product of this sparkling wine now has a cloudy colour and is slightly sweeter.
Clairette De Die And Oysters: The Perfect Pairing

Complement your occasion with Clairette de Die

This is an elegant sparkling wine that will complement any occasion or dinner party. The traditional Clairette de Die is a demi-sec but is also now available as a Semi-dry, brut and dry wine. With hints of apple and green fruits, this bubbly is perfect on its own, served ice-cold. It is also delicious paired with a meal. Serve some tasty appetisers or go all out with some oysters. Add some sparkle to your mood or to your dinner party with a sip of Clairette de Die and you are sure to impress your guests with your stylish get-together!