Ever tried Kir Royale? Read on for the recipe!

Mixing a dash of syrupy, sweet Crème de Cassis to some dry Champagne will create a heavenly cocktail called Kir Royale. Popular and delightful, there is no better way to impress your guests. This drink will complete your cocktail party and leave your guests wanting more.

Taste the authentic Kir Royale recipe

Kir Royale, the legendary cocktail

If you want to host a cocktail party with some swanky cocktails, take a tip from the French! A classic French drink is sure to take your party to the next level of sophistication, and the first one that comes to mind is Kir Royale: which requires a combination of Crème de Cassis and Champagne. Crème de Cassis is a delicious, syrupy liqueur made with Macerated blackcurrants ladled with sugar that has been converted into an alcohol: it will no doubt tantalise your taste buds! The general rule of mixing such a legendary cocktail is, one part Crème de Cassis and four parts Champagne. Any more Crème de Cassis will result in a mix that is too sweet and too boozy!
Chill the flutes for 20 minutes in the freezer before making a kir royale cocktail

Kir Royale is the vogue cocktail that has stood the test of time

Kir Royale was first invented by a French priest called Canon Felix Kir, who mixed the sweet liqueur with a very dry and acidic wine made from Aligoté grapes. The mixture of the Crème de Cassis and wine was called Kir and then, by substituting the wine for Champagne, it was given the name Kir Royale. The drink became hugely popular after the Second World War and has remained in fashion to this day. This aperitif is meant to impress, and, to show that you truly know your stuff, chill the flutes for 20 minutes in the freezer before making the cocktail. A ice cold glass and a champagne cocktail is the perfect way to kick of any soirée!