Italian Sparkling Wines to change from Prosecco

Lambrusco, Moscato and - of course - Prosecco! Italy and its impressive sparkling wines...

Lambrusco is the red italian sparkling wine! A reference!


Lambrusco consists in a family of grape varieties commonly planted in the wide plain of Emilia Romagna, and in the southern part of Lombardia; between the Po river and the city of Modena. Several DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) bear this name; among them the Lambrusco Reggiano – the most important – or specific variants of the grape variety (Lambrusco Salamino di Santa Croce, Lambrusco di Sorbara, Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro). All of them produce amazing sparkling red wines, dry or sweet, very often produced through Charmat method.


Time to drink it? 

Sight: Ruby red colour, a little foamy

Smell: Very fragrant, this wine offers intense overtones of fresh red fruit and grapes.

Taste: Usually frizzante and sweet, Lambrusco is particularly appreciated for its freshness, its light degree in alcohol and its gourmand fruity character. A simple wine, to drink in its young age. 

What to open it with? Appetizers and cold cuts for dry Lambrusco; pizza and red fruit desserts for sweeter Lambrusco.



Beside its high-end and long aging red wines, Piedmont offers a sweet sparkling white wine, original because of its very low alcohol and attractive with its exuberant fruitiness. Moscato vineyards (the only grape variety allowed) extended from the province of Asti to neighboring provinces of Cuneo, west, and Alessandria, east, on Langhe and Monferrato hillsides. Moscato d’Asti is obtained by a partial fermentation in closed tanks; which preserves part of the natural sugar of the grapes, as well as the released carbon dioxide.


Time to drink it? 

Sight: Light straw colour.

Smell: Particularly fragrant and delicate, it delivers intense fruity – sometimes floral – overtones; similar to those of fresh moscato grapes, of orange blossom and of yellow fruit. 

Taste: Tender and supple, slightly acidic and very light in alcohol (around 5%), its main quality is the purity of its fruity flavors. The slight sweetness and expression of the fruit makes Moscato d'Asti a fond wine, not too far from fresh fruit juice and slightly sparkling. Delicious and easy to access, to drink young.

What to open it with? With appetizers, or fruit dessert that are not too sweet.