Let your glass always be half full with Moscato Rosato — your next addiction!

Get hooked on Moscato Rosato and discover why this bubbly is the trendy accessory of the season. No outfit or moment is complete without a glass of this great sparkling wine. It is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and mood enhancer!

Cantina Colli Euganei Moscato Rosato

Pink and delicious Moscato Rosato

There is nothing more alluring than a glass of something pink and delicious to bring to life your Saturday evening. Even more so with the satisfying taste of Moscato Rosato. This Italian sparkling wine is made according to the Charmat method. This is when second fermentation is forced in steel tanks and not in the bottle, and it’s the same process used when making Proseccos. This process allows the wine to become carbonated and it is then bottled. This method, however, is different from the traditional method use to make Champagne, which allows second fermentation to happen in the bottle. But, no matter the intricacies, throwing some gentle fizz into the mix will surely add excitement to the evening!
Red velvet cake and rose moscato: a simply delicious pairing!

Moscato Rosato pairs deliciously with food

For an Easy-drinking sparkling wine at your next party, serve some Moscato Rosato. The pale pink colour is easy on the eyes and the fresh, intense and fruity flavour is delicate on the tongue. This bubbly is best served chilled and it is recommended that you stock up because it suits each and every occasion: from Christmas, to an on-theme Valentines drink thanks to its pink colour! Pair it with a gorgeous red velvet cake for added deliciousness. With such incredible style at these swanky celebrations, your dinner parties and get-togethers will make you the talk of the town. Just remember, there is no such thing as too much when it comes to keeping your pantry well stocked so get shopping!