Poiré, or pear cider, is the new and cool “it” drink

Poiré is a bubbly pear beverage, fermented in a similar way to wine, with an excellent flavour and moreish taste. It has regained popularity in recent years and is even more appealing due to the low alcohol content. Poiré Tradition, from France, is an artisanal Poiré with a sweet acidulous nose.

Poire Tradition Cidre Fournier

A delectable cider-like drink

Whether you call it a pear cider, a Perry or a Poiré, this delicious drink is a must-try. Full of your favourite fizz and sparkle, this tipple is made by fermenting pears. These special Perry pears are smaller than usual pears, with more tannins and acid, and they are used to turn into a delectable cider-like drink. Pears are picked and left to mature for some time, then crushed and left to stand some more to get rid of the tannins. This process is similar to that of making wine. The drink then goes through a second fermentation process… and voila!
Pear Cider For Special Sunny Days

Low in alcohol but high in flavour

Poiré will satisfy your taste for bubbles and cider simultaneously. And, the best part is that you can drink more without feeling too guilty or tipsy. The alcohol content is low, allowing for more “drink time” and less “down time” due to over-consumption. Poiré has a delicate flavour but does not actually taste much like pear. Instead, flavours like pineapple and guava come through, and the colour is pale with a slight green tinge. Originally a drink made in England, it was once called the English Champagne by Napoleon, proving popularity from many years ago. Recently gaining popularity again, this could be the new summer drink of choice for those special sunny days.