Prosecco and food pairing: the perfect guide

When you’re stocking your fridge with your favourite bottles of bubbly you may not always consider the best food pairing to go with your prosecco or sparkling wine. This guide will give you an idea of what foods go best with your chosen beverage.

Parma Ham and Prosecco is the best possible pairing!

Prosecco food pairings: savoury

Prosecco is usually drunk on its own so you may not have even thought about the kind of foods that would go well with it. Prosecco and sparkling wines can be versatile when it comes to pairing with foods and this is owed to the fact that they are often blended from different vintage wines, providing a complex depth to fruity, meaty and gamey flavours. For savoury food pairings, opt for a drier ‘brut’ style of prosecco. This will complement foods such as Parma ham, mild cheeses and sushi. Italian cured meats will go well with a light, refreshing prosecco that adds subtle and soft bubbles to the food’s salty flavours. Some bubbly alongside your main meal is always a culinary treat.
Drink prosecco wine with macarons

Prosecco food pairings: sweet

The key thing to remember is that prosecco is generally sweeter than other sparkling wines, therefore choosing certain flavours to complement it is often difficult, especially when it comes to Desserts. To pair with desserts, make sure you choose something that is labelled as ‘demi-sec’ or ‘doux’ to match the sweetness level of the wine to that of the food so that neither one is nullified. Unsurprisingly, sweeter, extra dry prosecco goes well with sweet foods such as light sponge cakes, macarons, mousses and parfaits and even sweet popcorn. With a less sweet sparkling wine, sweet treats such as panettone or a fresh fruit tart make ideal food pairings.