Prosecco comes in all colours with these famous cocktails

Mimosa, Bellini and Rossini cocktails are so easy to make that anyone can master them in minutes. The light flavour and soft fizz of prosecco makes it the perfect wine to blend with a fruity addition for a sophisticated party drink.

Mimosa Bellini and Rossini Cocktails

A cocktail for all seasons

A Mimosa is the perfect accompaniment to a sophisticated brunch thanks to its refreshing blend of Prosecco and orange juice. A classic Mimosa calls for equal parts prosecco (or any sparkling wine) to fresh orange juice. Always add the sparkling wine first, as this way the cocktail mixes together itself instead of having to stir, which allows the wine to become flat. A welcome addition to any Mimosa may be a splash of orange liqueur, such as Triple Sec or Gran Marnier. A Mimosa is a classic and can be found on almost every cocktail menu.
The famous Bellini cocktail was invented in Harry’s Bar, Venice, in 1934 and is named after the famous Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini. Another light prosecco cocktail that goes down well at brunch, a Bellini is simply a mixture of peach juice and fizz. It is best made with pureed fresh peaches that you pour first into a chilled glass before adding the prosecco. If you’re feeling extra fancy, add a peach slice to garnish. This is a real crowd pleaser.
Rossini Simple Party Cocktail

Simple party cocktails

Another cocktail that hails from Venice is the Rossini. A popular and similar alternative to a Bellini, but made instead with strawberries, the Rossini is a soft and delicate twist on a simple glass of prosecco. Both the colour and flavours of a Rossini make it the ideal beverage for an alfresco lunch or enjoying a glass of Fizz while watching the sunset. With very few ingredients and very simple methods, these three classic cocktails will certainly liven up any bottle of prosecco or sparkling wine and are guaranteed to be a hit with your guests.