Add some sophistication to your palette with Bollinger champagne

Bollinger has been producing champagne since 1829 and has become internationally renowned as one of the most high-quality champagne houses around. As one of the few remaining independent champagne houses, Bollinger produces wines that have a complex yet signature flavor.

Over 100 years in the champagne production, discover Bollinger!

Bollinger: an established brand with a unique flavour

The independent family-owned House of Bollinger, nicknamed ‘Bolly’ by its devoted fans, has for over 100 years produced champagne that stands out from the crowd. The unmistakable quality of this champagne has even been given a royal seal of approval in the past: in 1884, Queen Victoria herself made Bollinger the exclusive purveyor to the Court. Since then, connoisseurs have coveted this champagne house due to its dedication to the trademark style that has not wavered in the six generations that the Bollinger family have owned, controlled and managed it. Almost two thirds of the grapes that are used to produce this champagne are grown in the 399 acres of vineyards that the house owns which means that they are able to control the quality of the product independently. All Bollinger champagne is made by strictly adhering to the traditional methods of champagne production, from individual vinification of marc and cru, to barrel fermentation and ageing.

Champagne Bollinger Cuvée Speciale in a gift box

What to expect from a bottle of Bollinger

If you’ve never tried Bollinger before then you’ll want to know what to expect from your very first bottle. The most dominant flavour stands out as a full-bodied Pinot, with very fine bubbles that are not harsh on the palette and instead invoke the sensation of velvet. You should be able to pick up subtle flavours of pear, brioche, fresh walnut and certain spices that are great when paired with a meal of fish or poultry. Bollinger champagnes range from the iconic Special Cuvée (non-vintage), Grande Année (vintage), R.D (vintage), Vieille Vignes Françaises (vintage) to the red wine Coteaux Champenois La Côte aux Enfants (vintage). All varieties showcase the exceptional quality and production that this champagne house never to provide year after year. Plus, with England’s very own James Bond choosing Bollinger as his champagne of choice, why shouldn’t you?